As a kitchen designer for over 11 years, I’ve learned a little bit about what it really takes to design a kitchen that truly functions. More than once, I’ve been called “obsessive” and I’m honestly okay with that.

Let’s explore the necessary ingredients for a well-designed kitchen.


At times, kitchen design can certainly be cut-and-dry due to it’s technical nature. Cabinet layouts, appliance specifications, and tile details are all tedious ingredients in the overall recipe of a space. And, often we find these details are repeated.

dallas kitchen designer


Flip through a magazine or browse online and you’ll see many, many iterations of the classic white kitchen.  You’ll see commonalities in the “custom” kitchen — pull-out trash, cutlery dividers, tray dividers, etc. But, often something is missing…

Glen Abbey| Kitchen Design by Smith & Ragsdale


Take a moment and picture yourself in the perfect kitchen.  What does that look like for you?  Who’s in that kitchen with you?  What memories are you creating?  What meal are you making?

Making salsa in a warm contemporary Dallas kitchen with dark oak cabinetry and Cherner bar stools
North Dallas | Interior Design by Smith & Ragsdale

What we love about this process is that every single person in this room is picturing something different. Sure, you may like similar finishes, appliances, and things like that, but this experience is unique to each of you.  And the experience in your kitchen – the function of the space – can be, and should be, elevated by the design.

Stainless steel cabinetry with dark blacksplash and fireplace and live edge dining table
Bluffview | Award-Winning Kitchen Design by Smith & Ragsdale

Steeplechase | Kitchen Design by Smith & Ragsdale

Waggoner Drive | Interior Design by Smith & Ragsdale

Arbor Oaks | Kitchen Design by Smith & Ragsdale


Are you ready for a custom kitchen that truly functions for you and your family? It’s time to talk to an experienced kitchen designer! Contact us to chat about how we can work together to elevate your space and your experience in your home!

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