Where design elevates function.

“Abby is very sweet, knowledgeable, and has great taste. As a contractor, I appreciate when a designer helps the clients to see the overall picture and can get them focused on making quick decisions to move the process along. It has been a pleasure working with her.”


“It was a pleasure to work with Abbey on our remodel of the master bathroom. We had an extensive wish list and she listened to all our ideas. When we had to scale down a few wishes in order to keep within our budget, her ideas helped us without feeling as though we lost the “wow” factor that we wanted in the bathroom.  Her attention to our wishes and her attention to details made the experience of working with a designer enjoyable. We would work with her again in a heart beat.”


“I initially met Abbey and worked with her for approximately 4 months on custom cabinets for a large kitchen. The project was a challenge in that the space was angular in design. Abbey and I established a professional one-on-one working relationship as a result of this project. She addressed problems immediately and followed through until they were resolved. I certainly would recommend Abbey and I look forward to working with her on future installations.”


“Abbey, from the very first meeting we had with you, we realized that you were sincere, honest, creative, and professional.  We were impressed from our meetings with you, that you wanted our remodel to meet our goals and exceed our expectations. You did not want us to do things or purchase items that we did not need or want.  You worked with us and our budget and paid great attention to detail, and the end result was a quality remodel – we love it! – that we are enjoying and are proud to show our family and friends.  The remodel was a dramatic and elegant change.  We wish to thank you again for a job well done!”

Dominic & Arlene

“We started our project with the intent of remodeling the kitchen only. We increasingly became more comfortable with their expertise, professionalism, reliability, and honesty/transparency. We decided to further expand the scope of our project to encompass the family room. Our project is a work in progress and should finish here within the next few weeks. From what we can see, the space has already been transformed to incorporate our functional needs and we have no doubt the finish out will be top notch. They compliment each other so well. Abbey is very technical and has such a deep understanding of both function and design. Abby has such incredible depth in the ability to make sure that the overall details of the design (i.e. material selection, appliances, tiles, paint, flooring, etc..from start to finish) truly transforms the space for the better. We have also retained them to help when needed be the liaison between us and our GC. Having them both plugged into the process has made life much easier and they helped us take some of the burden off in making decisions. Admittedly, we reached beyond our budget to try to incorporate as much of what both Abbeys’ envisioned the space to be. I can say they are very respectful of our budget and truly can work with you in that regard. Lastly, we meet and researched many full service design firms and feel as though not many have the design “depth” as these two – look at their portfolio. Their projects speak volumes. The dynamic duo will forever be top of mind for us when we look to do other projects.”

Tan & Crystal