OUR MISSION: To design interiors to be a reflection of our client and their unique lifestyle.  We aim to deliver well-designed spaces in which the function, materials, and client-experience converge.  This is achieved through careful investigation, thoughtful collaboration with our clients and trades, and keen attention to detail from project inception through completion.

HOW WE WORK: We have found our success by allowing creative inspiration in problem solving to be the key ingredient in our process. Creative inspiration evolves throughout the design process and for us, it most often comes directly from our clients. Before we put pen to paper, it is time-well-spent to get to know the client and their family to become intuitive to their unique needs and ask: What problems need to be solved? How will the design enhance their quality of life now and in the future?

HOW WE WORK WITH BUILDERS AND ARCHITECTS: We take a collaborative approach to every project and form a true working partnership. We believe that the Builder or Architect should lead the team so that there are fewer compromises or confusion during the design and build process. With this design/build team approach, Smith & Ragsdale can help you optimize your time, keep the project on budget, and create an efficient and successful path from project inception to construction completion.  We will work directly with the homeowner or with the appropriate industry professional to achieve our common goals.  Our design solutions consider all project parameters and respect the Architect’s / Builder’s / Client’s overall vision for the home.

WHY WE’RE SUCCESSFUL: What it means to be beautiful or well-designed is subjective. There is not one style or approach that offers ALL the solutions, however each residence and each client brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities for creative solutions. We believe you have to look at every element as an opportunity to solve the problem.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: It’s simple: interior design should not be painted with a broad brush; it must be looked at through a microscope. Each detail affects the next and is just as important. We aren’t talking about measuring something to the nearest 1/16 inch, though that is certainly critical. We are talking about having a keen understanding of successful design and creatively applying that understanding to each project. Similar to a fine chef who seeks the best ingredients to elevate a dish, a designer must be intentional about every design decision and make sure every element has meaning, ensuring the design will have no missing ingredients.

Abby Smith
Abby Smith, Principal Designer

Abby Smith is known for her ability to conceptualize the design criteria and come up with aesthetically appropriate strategies that create sophisticated and timeless interior spaces.  Four of her kitchen designs have been chosen as regional finalists in the international Sub-Zero | Wolf Kitchen Design Contest. Her work has been featured on HGTV, chosen as a Houzz Kitchen of the Week, and appeared in numerous books and magazines.

Abby has garnered a reputation for her ability to oversee construction from a design perspective. As a partner in a custom homebuilding company, Quorum Custom Homes, her vast knowledge base of building materials and finish-out, gives her the ability to execute all the details that goes into creating either a turn-key new residence or a remodeling an existing residence. 

Abby’s extensive design experience includes all design-related decisions concerning decorative selection and purchasing of materials and/or furnishings that goes into building and finishing a residence. Partnering with Abbey Ragsdale to open Smith & Ragsdale Interior Design, was a natural progression in Abby’s successful residential interior design career. Prior to expanding into interiors, Abby lead her own award-winning graphic design studio that specialized in packaging design. Abby and her husband Ron reside in Georgetown, TX.

Abbey Ragsdale
Abbey Ragsdale, Principal Designer

Abbey Ragsdale is a founding Principal Designer at Smith & Ragsdale Interior Design in Dallas, TX. Prior to forming Smith & Ragsdale in 2016, Abbey was a designer at a high-end boutique kitchen design firm in the Dallas Design District. Her 15 years of experience include residential interiors, light commercial design, new construction, and renovation.

Abbey’s design approach considers the human needs for a space first and foremost. She is an instinctive problem solver, known for her keen attention to detail and commitment to strong client relationships. She enjoys interacting and collaborating with contractors, builders, and individual artisans on projects, and is always seeking to learn from each collaboration. She was first introduced to building and renovation as the daughter of a skilled carpenter / general contractor, and her passion for it continued through college and now into her career.

Abbey has a Bachelor of Human Sciences in Interior Design from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and developing new recipes, singing along with her musician family, and traveling. She, her husband Michael, and their son (when he’s home from college) live southeast of Dallas on land that has been in her family for over 100 years.