Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  We were surrounded by talks of love, pictures of gifts, and other sentiments on social media and in real life.  So, that got us thinking more about some of our current “loves” — whether it be tile, finishes, appliances, plumbing fixtures, etc.  We’ve decided to start a blog series so we can share the love with you… because what’s love really, if you don’t share it?

Introducing Our Love List.

Statement Tile

We visit tile showrooms regularly, looking for inspiration for current and upcoming projects.  Oftentimes, we find ourselves a little bored of seeing the same installations and finishes, but then sometimes there are one or two pieces that get us really excited, and ignite that creative spark that is so necessary for us to successfully design your space.   A good tile selection can really set a space apart.  We’re finding ourselves drawn to both subtle and highly defined textures, patterns, and dramatic applications.  Larger scale (13X39, 24×48, etc.) tiles have really caught our attention lately, as well as micro mosaics. These are a few that we can’t stop thinking about.

What are your thoughts on tile?  Can you visualize any of these in your space?

Instinctive project planner, facilitator, solution finder, and team builder. Designer, artist, and creative thinker, having keen attention to detail and a clear understanding of a client’s functional needs. Versatile and flexible, willing to change and think unconventionally, and continually be a student of the client and the industry. Prefer to work with others, rather than for others, and approach professional relationships with that attitude. Well-trained to see a project from concept to completion.

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