Our firm specializes in kitchen and bath design, so we’re naturally drawn to luxury appliances. As an interior designer working in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Austin for over 20 years, I’ve always wanted to attend the national Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). This was the year that I finally made the trip. I looked forward to enough new ideas, new trends, and inspiration to last me a year. Our team walked through what felt like miles of displays showcasing the newest in cabinets, countertops, plumbing, and hardware.

The one standout area that really got my attention and made it worth the time away from the office? 


I saw the newest in luxury appliances from all over the globe that promise to perform like never before and also look so amazing. Kudos to the design teams–their skills rival the sleekest sports car designers and are as good as it gets!  The results are breathtaking… words you wouldn’t necessarily use to describe kitchen appliances! All this attention to design and promised performance makes my job recommending appliances and designing a kitchen so much easier.

Dallas Luxury Appliances
Chef Garth Blackburn preparing grilled beef tenderloin on Wolf’s Outdoor Grill

Sub-Zero | Wolf | Cove

Sub-Zero & Wolf (now Sub-Zero | Wolf | Cove) has always been my first choice for performance. They offer superior products with a clean professional aesthetic. The design is classic and the brand is slowly making aesthetic design changes. They didn’t have a showing at KBIS, but hosted a lovely private evening event for us.

chef cooking on wolf outdoor luxury appliances
Chef Garth Blackburn lighting things on fire on Wolf’s 13″ Side Burner
chef cooking on wolf induction burner
Cooking on the new Wolf Transitional Framed Induction Cooktop

Personally, I have always appreciated my own Sub–Zero & Wolf appliances. I find that my refrigerator makes a real difference in food preservation and my induction range cooks as good as a restaurant appliance. It was exciting to see the new Transitional Framed Induction Cooktop in action!


Dacor has the sexiest appliances I’ve ever seen! Gorgeous is the only way to describe their product.  Dacor calls it “ kitchen theatre” and they are not exaggerating. For instance, the inside of the Modernist Atelier Edition refrigerator is pure porcelain and just as handsome (maybe more so) as the exterior! So refined! I call it “kitchen poetry.” They have definitely upgraded the overall look and performance of their product line.

luxury appliances Dacor Modernist Atelier Edition porcelain refrigerator
Dacor Modernist Colleciton Atelier Edition


The Smeg booth was gathering a lot of oohs and aahs due to the new Sicily is My Love Collection, a collaboration with Dolce & Gabana, which features Italian motifs hand-painted in enamel on the actual appliances. Who wouldn’t want a range that is a conversation piece and costs as much as a fine painting or luxury car? Smeg has never been afraid to let design lead the customer to their appliances.

luxury appliances Smeg Dolce & Gabana hand painted kitchen range


Fulgor Milano is a mid-to-upper priced option that promises excellent performance with updated professional design. “Technology and design are combined with both gusto and finesse in products designed to bring effortless ease of use and bold design to your kitchen.” Now distributed in Dallas, we are going to be taking a closer look for some of our projects.

fulgor milano luxury appliances blue range
BLUE Range at Fulgor Milano
Fulgor Milano luxury appliances Kitchen Range in Palladio White
Fulgor Milano 48” Dual Fuel Professional Range in Palladio White


The size and design of the Hestan appliances on exhibit stopped us in our tracks. Initially designed for truly professional kitchens, the Hestan line of appliances is now also being offered for home kitchens.

Hestan stainless steel luxury appliances in red island
Hestan residential cooking island

Most impressive is this amazing made-to-order all encompassing restaurant/hotel coking suite. I love the detailing, the styling and the obvious workhorse design. You know that these appliances are designed for some serious cooking.

Hestan luxury appliances commercial restaurant and hotel cooking island with pot rack
Hestan made-to-order commercial cooking suite. Amazing!

I really enjoyed seeing the exciting new direction luxury appliance design is taking! Are you happy with your existing appliances? Or do you have your eye on something new and improved? Let us know in the comments!

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