Happy Wednesday!  #Winesday?  Several weeks ago, Brooke over at Wayfair.com reached out to us asking if she could feature this kitchen in an upcoming blog post about wine refrigeration.  I believe her exact words were,

“I found your website while I was searching for Interior Designers, and I’m absolutely blown away by your Bluffview Kitchen project.”

Well, with that compliment, of course we had to say yes!  And the topic is certainly something we can get behind because who likes hot wine?

In all seriousness, how you store your wine bottles directly affects how much you enjoy what’s in your wine glass.  While the “just right” temperature can vary from person to person, there are some general guidelines for the ultimate wine drinking experience.  We love this concise and informative graphic that Brooke shared showing The Ideal Temperature for Every Wine:

This is such a great guide to go by when programming the temperature of your wine refrigeration.  While temperature is certainly important in the overall wine experience, it’s important to keep in mind that proper wine storage acts as more than just a cooler.  Humidity, light, and vibration can also affect the flavor of your wine.  When we are selecting wine storage with our clients, we consider all these factors, so that when they are enjoying their glass of Cabernet with dinner, they are experiencing their wine the way the winemaker intended.

In this particular kitchen, quality was a priority, and capacity was secondary.  We opted to go with a Sub-Zero 24″ Undercounter model as it provided adequate storage, could integrate beautifully in the island directly across from the coffee bar/bar counter, and allowed the homeowner to maintain dual temperature zones for storage both red and white wines.

Here are a few more examples from our portfolio of integrated wine storage.

Who’s ready for a glass of wine?

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